Mysterious Search of Google Part-1 - ComradeHUB

Mysterious Search of Google Part-1 - ComradeHUB

Hello friend! Welcome Back to True Technical Tips today we are back with an amazing article that is the Mysterious Search of Google. So let's get started without wasting time.

1.Mysterious Search of Google

Mysterious Search of Google
Go to your default browser and search for "Do a barrel roll" and you will shock after seeing the result. Your whole screen will be rotated by 360 degrees, without doing any extra things that is interesting Check it right now OR Click Here.

2.Mysterious Search of Google

Go to your default browser Open Google Home Page and type "Google Gravity" Just press I am feeling lucky button. The result will completely shock you Google will be broken down into some pieces just, pretty cool just go for it OR Click Here.

3.Mysterious Search of Google

The third amazing thing from the Google search is this, type "Askew" exact same word which is written below just see the result awesome when you directly search it tilt your screen by some angles it's amazing just search it and show it off to your friends OR Click Here

4.Mysterious Search of Google

Forth in this list again go to the Google homepage Type "Google underwater" Hit I am feeling lucky and the result will shock me, Google really goes to an underground sea and you can search Were Sharks and all fishes are moving around the Google search engine it's funny. OR Click Here

5.Mysterious Search of Google

Mysterious Search of Google
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Now the last but not least search of Google a hidden Pacman game in Google you say what a Pacman game in Google. Again go to the Google homepage, type "Pacman" and directly press I am Feeling lucky and see Google will give you the Pacman game on the Google homepage
Hope you are getting all the tricks, share this trick with all of your friends hope you get something new from our articles.
The Mysterious search of Google part-2 will be coming soon with more exciting features and more mysterious feature of Google
And if you face any kind of problem, while running all this command we will try to help you just comment.

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