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How To Spy on Someone WhatsApp Account - Comrade HUB

Hi, there actually Spying on someone phone is not a good thing and we also don't promote that but sometimes it's like life or death situation and you know that this/that if you spy on that phone you will definitely get some clues that that is going on his / her mind.

Sometimes somebody is cheating you and you want to know that what he/she is chatting with others without knowing her

Actually, the method I am showing here is completely legal and yes you don't need any kind of knowledge of rocket science for that. It's quite simple, it is just like opening a website

Before I start telling for about the tricks I recommend you to visit this article also. Now let us start the trick,

Firstly now need your friends/Gf/Bf (To whom to want to spy) ya it is necessary that for only 5 sec you required their phone, Now how to get the phone to depend on you we can't help you with that and also that phone must be in unlock condition because you can't crack the password to that smartphone

So the most important work in this is that you have to get the phone in unlock condition for only 5 sec and that it all steps are as follows

Firstly open the WhatsApp app of your friends/Gf/Bf (To whom to want to spy) and go to the setting section of WhatsApp by clicking on the 3 dots on the top-right side of the WhatsApp app

A popUp Will open Up Like This

From That menu select the WhatsApp web option 

And a QR code scanning area will open that is

Now open your trusted device (PC is recommended, you can also use your mobile)

go to google on your device and search for WhatsApp web and open the first link or click hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Here you find a QR code like this 

And most important thing always check this keep me signed in, and scan this code with your victim's mobile and that it's you get them all the chats are on your screen and it is the best part that the user didn't notify about this. From here you can also chat and read previous chats 

And that is, you got the whole account access to you. Actually, this feature is launched by WhatsApp for pc and mobile both simultaneously apply but it can use for secret purposes. 

Hope you get it, if you found anything difficult then you can ask us to comment below your questions we will definitely reply to you

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