How To Get Free ProtonVPN Premium Accounts - Comrade HUB

How To Get Free ProtonVPN Premium Accounts - Comrade HUB

Extraordinary Features for a safer VPN 

Dissimilar to other VPN administrations, ProtonVPN is planned with security as the fundamental center, drawing upon the exercises we have gained from working with columnists and activists in the field. 

Secure Core 

Normal VPN administrations can be undermined if their workers are under observation. ProtonVPN forestalls this by first going client traffic through our Secure Core network in the protection of amicable nations like Switzerland and Iceland. Accordingly, even an undermined VPN endpoint worker won't uncover your actual IP address  

Amazing forward mystery 

ProtonVPN only uses figures with Perfect Forward Secrecy, implying that your encoded traffic can't be caught and decoded later, regardless of whether an encryption key gets traded off later on. 


We are settled in Switzerland which has a portion of the world's most grounded protection laws. Switzerland is additionally outside of the EU and US locale and isn't an individual from the fourteen eyes reconnaissance organization. 

No-logs strategy 

ProtonVPN is a no-logs VPN administration. We don't track or record your web movement, and accordingly, we can't uncover this data to outsiders. 

Peak over VPN 

ProtonVPN likewise incorporates with the Tor namelessness organization. With a solitary snap, you can course the entirety of your traffic through the Tor organization and access Onion destinations.

How To Get Free ProtonVPN Premium Accounts

1. First of All, Open
2. Now Click Register Account.
3. Enter Details & Register.
4. Now Go to
5. Login With the ProtonMail Email ID You Just Created.
6. Now download the ProtonVPN app from PlayStore.
7.. You Got 7 Days Premium Account. Now Repeat The Above Step With Another Mail ID.

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